About Me

I'm a Melbourne based junior web developer specialising in front-end development who has a passion for design, creativity and organisation.

I first got interested in web development whilst working in an IT department. Due to the interweaven style of the company, some of my tasks involved basic web development and coding, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. My passion for web development lead me to completing a Diploma of Information Technology (Full Stack Development) at Holmesglen Institute in 2023. Since then, I have continued to develop and fine-tune my skills, exploring new tools, frameworks and methods.

My knowledge of full-stack development, as well as skills picked up during my time in IT (such as hosting, deployment and server maintenance) allow me to contribute to any stage of the project development process.

Outside of being a web developer, I enjoy songwriting, playing guitar, hiking, and enjoying the latest video games!

My Skills

 HTML CSS Bootstrap Sass JavaScript React Next.js Node.js Express MongoDB Firebase Docker